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    How to recycle copper aluminum radiator/talk scraps?

    Time:2019-11-18 10:44?Author:Suny Group

    A large number of waste products such as air-conditioning radiators, heating radiators, and automobile air-conditioning radiators not only pollute the environment but also a waste of resources. The radiator contains copper and aluminum, and the value of recycling is very high. After the waste radiators recovered by people are crushed, iron, aluminum and copper are often mixed together. These unseparated metal mixtures are not only almost non-recyclable, they are often treated as waste materials, which is very likely to cause environmental pollution. Since iron, aluminum, and copper are the main metal materials used in various industries, once they are separated and recycled, their economic value will be very impressive.
    Indian customer site for radiator recycling plant
    Indian customer site for radiator recycling plant
    Suny Group’s Copper-Aluminum Radiator Crushing and Separating Equipment is specially designed to recover copper, iron and aluminum in the waste radiators or water tanks. The whole plant includes a shredder, a crusher, a magnetic separator, a gas sorting machine and a gravity sorting machine. The radiator is put into the shredder, the shredded material is sorted out by the magnetic separator, and then the remaining material enters the pulverizing system, and the pulverized material is separated by the sorting system to separate the copper and the aluminum. The equipment is equipped with covered dust removal unit, and the whole recycling process is clean and pollution-free. Equipment performance: copper separation rate>98%; iron separation rate>99%; aluminum separation rate>98%.
    Waste radiator recycling line
    Waste radiator recycling line
    Due to the development and advancement of technology, the replacement of electrical appliances is getting faster and faster. The recycling of old electrical appliances has become a concern of the people. Because the recycling of old electrical appliances not only prevents environmental pollution, but also recovers the useful materials for reuse and avoids the waste of resources.
    If you want to invest in this Aluminium Copper Radiator Recycling business, pls contact us at Email:sunymachine@gmail.com