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    Circuit board crushing production line

    Time:2020-08-28 12:36?Author:Suny Group

    The process flow of the electronic board processing equipment is: after the pretreatment of the electronic board with the used components, it is sent to the hammer crusher through the feeding belt for primary crushing, and then the material is stored in the material bin through the magnetic separation belt conveyor, and the remaining materials are sorted The material screw conveying rod in the vortex pulverizer sends the material to the vortex pulverizer for pulverization, which completely decomposes the material into metal powder and non-metal powder, and forms two dusts in the vortex pulverizer, which contains metal The dust of the powder is sent to the air flow vibrating screen by the negative pressure suction device through the cyclone dust collector and the star discharger. The vibrating screen separates the metal powder and non-metal powder, and the dust gas passes through the pulse dust collector and the activated carbon adsorption tower. Dust removal and air purification; the other line of dust is processed by an external classifier and a double cyclone dust collector to obtain two specifications of VT powder, and finally the dust gas is passed through a pulse dust collector and an activated carbon adsorption tower for dust removal and air purification.

    Main features of electronic board processing equipment:

    Original PCB board processing equipment with components, high production efficiency, the entire system only needs to operate 3-5 workers, compared with traditional processing technology, it saves 12-10 labor and greatly reduces the cost of human resources;

    The material transportation and recycling process using fully enclosed pipeline negative pressure is adopted, that is, from the input of waste circuit board raw materials into the equipment feeding system to the product copper powder or non-metal powder export packaging, the entire process is completed by a fully enclosed pipeline negative pressure conveying system. No dust leakage, no secondary pollution during production;

    The coarse crushing equipment of waste electronic boards adopts a self-designed single-shaft shredder, which is an environmentally friendly equipment with low energy consumption, low noise and high productivity, and the crushing effect is ideal;

    The core part of the crushing and separating host is a patented product protected by national intellectual property rights based on the comprehensive absorption of domestic and foreign successful experience, and then independent improvement and innovation. Its principle is to use a moving knife to collide with the material after the initial crushing at a high speed. After crushing it, the movable knife is made of alloy tool steel through a special heat treatment process. The ring gear type fixed knife in contact with the material is made of high hardness, high wear resistance 16 manganese steel through a special process, and the tool has a long service life. The material is crushed and separated thoroughly, which can greatly improve the metal recovery rate;

    In order to reduce the impact of the equipment on the surrounding environment during the operation of the equipment, the main power equipment is designed to reduce vibration, noise and sound insulation. The vibration and noise generated by the equipment during the production process can be well controlled and greatly improved Working conditions and living environment;

    In the process of crushing and high-speed crushing and separation of waste electronic boards, in order to prevent the generation of high temperature and peculiar smell, the cooling spray system and activated carbon adsorption exhaust gas treatment system were added in the design to make the exhaust gas discharged into the atmosphere meet the national environmental protection emission standards.