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    Is it profitable for the dry-type miscellaneous wire automatic copper metering machine to process waste cables?

    Time:2020-10-14 11:25?Author:Suny Group

    Is the profit of the dry-type hybrid automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine processing waste cables high? The profit of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine now mainly depends on the purchase price of the scrap copper and aluminum cable raw materials, the copper content, the separation rate of the Cable Wire Recycling Machine, and the price of copper , The price of plastics and the cost of inputs (site, water, electricity, machinery, labor). In recent years, a new type of environmental protection equipment dry-type miscellaneous wire automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine has quickly entered the market.

    The Cable Wire Recycling Machine can not only handle various wires and cables, miscellaneous wires, communication lines, household appliances wires, etc., but also combine metal and plastic wires. Separation and sorting also solves the environmental pollution problem caused by these cables. It is currently a popular and currently more sought-after environmentally friendly metal sorting equipment.

    Dry-type miscellaneous wire automatic Cable Wire Recycling Machine processing effect: The Cable Wire Recycling Machine sorts waste copper and aluminum cables. The whole process uses dry crushing and sorting, because it reduces the drying process of the wire skin and the copper rice, and it is recycled. The copper rice basically meets the standard of bright copper. The plastic and copper can be recycled separately, so as to achieve the effect and purpose of comprehensive utilization. The copper wire of the waste fine wool and miscellaneous wires is very thin, and the ratio of the difference with the plastic wire sheath is not large. It can be said that the worse the wire, the less easy to dispose. The dry-type hybrid automatic copper metering machine can ensure that the quality of copper is not damaged when processing waste copper and aluminum cables, and the metal recycling rate can reach 99%. , And equipped with pulse dust removal device, environmental protection and pollution-free.