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    The circuit board crushing and separating machine production line is reliable in quality and durable

    Time:2020-10-19 14:09?Author:Suny Group

    With the rapid economic development, the rate of e-waste generation in my country in recent years is very alarming. According to a report released by the United Nations Environment Programme in 2010, more than 2.3 million tons of e-waste is produced each year. In recent years, my country has entered the peak period of home appliance replacement, which is also a period of rapid growth of e-waste. Technology is advancing and the environment is improving. The circuit board crushing separator produced by our company is a production line for the recycling of waste circuit boards after years of experience and continuous improvement in technology. The circuit board crushing separator production line is reliable in quality and durable.

    Users who have used circuit board recycling equipment know that the previous equipment has low output and the sorting effect is not very satisfactory. Many users are not satisfied with the production and processing of electronic waste from the equipment purchased by users. After the replacement of the circuit board crushing separator of our manufacturer, the production process is more reasonable, the sorting effect is much better than before, and the output is also significantly improved. The circuit board crushing separator is a device used to disassemble electronic components from waste circuit boards, because different components contain different metals, some components contain precious metals such as gold, silver and palladium, and some components contain toxic substances; some The original components such as radiators can be directly sorted and sold; the disassembled master is easier to crush and sort the copper in it, which also greatly reduces the work of the crushing and sorting section, and improves the recovery rate of precious metals .

    The advantages of the circuit board crushing separator: 1. Fully automatic control work, saving manpower, usually two people in a shift; 2. Detinning and disassembly are completed in one step; 3. The temperature is automatically controlled by the heating system without manual intervention; 4. Output Large, up to 200, 300, 500 kilograms per hour; 5. Simple operation; 6. Reduce the damage of components and reduce the loss of precious metals; 7. After the motherboard and components are classified, they enter the next sorting process respectively to improve Economic benefits; 8. There is basically no pollution to the environment, and all flue gas will be discharged after being treated by a special flue gas treatment system. The flue gas treatment equipment in the circuit board crushing separator removes the organic waste gas in the dismantling process and reduces environmental pollution. The component screening machine performs rough selection according to the size of the components, reducing labor and improving work efficiency. The component magnetic separator performs screening according to the magnetic size of the components, saving labor and improving work efficiency.